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Work Recap

  • Top: A personal project - Dali Work against a white background. ‘I’m so in love with Dali’s work I just wanted to see it against a white background… unfortunately I ran out of time, I encourage someone to finish it!’ - Nicole
  • Bottom Left: Quote Redesign ‘Success is a sum of small efforts repeated everyday.’
  • Bottom Right: Art decks by Gala Apparel, artwork by Killer Aesthetic.


Phew, It’s been so busy at Killer Aesthetic 

  • We have been touching up on our Photoshop skills by doing   classes by exploring surreal concept in modern day life. If your interested to continue learning, get 10% off membership by using this link:
  • We were sick of seeing boring quote designs, so we decided to start designing some of our favourites…
  • We are always looking for collaboration and are looking forward to another collaboration with Gala Apparel in the near future.